15 Creative Ways to Administer CBD to Pets

Depending on your pet, you may have to come up with more creative ways to administer CBD to pets. Some methods work better than others depending on the animal so there is no correct or incorrect way to give your pet CBD oil.

Usually, if you're going to give CBD oil to your dog or cat straight, it is best if it's flavored CBD oil. Some people recommend using human CBD oil because it's cheaper but I would advise against it for the simple reason that it wasn't made for animals, but for people.

1. You can mix it with food, and if your dog or cat is older you might want to add water to their food). This may be a better method if you're not noticing a difference when administering it directly into their mouth or on their gums, or if your dog or cat has some teeth issues.

2. Put the drops on a spoon and let them lick it off.

3. If your dog doesn't like the glass dropper, try putting it in a saucer with just a smear of Peanut butter because large portions of food shouldn't be given with CBD oil for at least 30 minutes. 

4. Put the CBD oil on a dry treat that will absorb the oil.

5. Put the drops on your finger and rub it into their gums.

6. Put a drop of CBD oil on the palm of your hand and let them lick it up.

7. Use oil that's suspended in honey, keep it in the fridge so it's thick and spread it on a treat.

8. Straight into the back corner of the mouth, on the gums, or under the tongue with an oral syringe. Accurately dosed and administered on target!

9. Use an Eggo waffle cut up into cubes or a piece of bread (make a little “x” in it to drop the oil into). Then cover with peanut butter. Voila! 😬
Sometimes you don't want to take a chance sticking the dropper in your dog's mouth for fear of contamination and/or them biting it.

10. Under the tongue or rubbed on the gums. absorbs better and doesn't use the food to go through the digestive tract.

11. Dose directly onto his gums and massage it in. They may drool during episodes, so keep all the droppers from previous bottles so you can just switch it out if it touches their mouth, and purchase pipe cleaners so you can be sure they are washed thoroughly after.

12. Mix with a little bit of bone broth.

13. Make a peanut butter ball and put it in the middle.

14. Buy CBD Treats and crumble them onto high-value food. Depends on what the cat tolerates best.

15. Put the drop right on top of food, not mixed.


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