Plastic Free Shopping - Plastic is out

5 Simple Sustainable Shopping Tips Without 'Unpacked Shops'


Is every "Unpacked shop" too far away from your house? Don't worry, you can also buy sustainable in the supermarket. We'll show you how with these 5 tips.

1. Planning is everything

Sustainable shopping already starts before the actual purchase. Write a shopping list. So you make sure that you are only buying the things you need. For example, nobody needs 3 packets of salt in the cupboard. In addition, spontaneous purchases seduce you into buying short-lived environmentally unfriendly packaging.

2. Glass and Paper Instead of Plastic

Buy sauces and yogurt in glasses not in plastic packaging. Pasta is just as good in paper packaging as in plastic bags. Some have unfortunately a small plastic window, which remains a small tear on our cheek. Nevertheless, this is still better than buying the whole pack of plastic.

3. Fruits and Vegetables - Organic, but Packed in Plastic?

Give priority to loose vegetables and fruits. Nature has already done quite a good job with giving fruits and vegetables a natural protective cover. You can just wash it off as soon as you're at home. Even better: Regional and seasonal products can be found at the weekly market.

If you want to protect your fruits and vegetables extra, you can benefit from our vegetable / fruit nets.

4. Is the Hygiene and Unpacked Shopping Compatible?

What if you just bring your own plastic free container the next time you go grocery shopping? You can ask at the sausage, cheese or meat fresh food counter if they are willing to fill your containers with whatever you wish.
Some Grocery Stores already have filling stations for rice, sweets & cereal. So bring your own bags and fill them with goodies.

Don't be ashamed that the environment is important to you. The more people express this wish, the sooner a rethinking in the economy can take place.

5. Jute bag instead of plastic bag

A jute bag costs you a little more, but saves you money in the long run. The great thing is that you can always reuse it and use it for more than shopping. At the same time you don't use any unnecessary plastic. Because plastic is out.

For the Forgetful and To Go shoppers among you: should you ever forget the jute bag, some supermarkets offer their own jute bags or paper bags as a substitute.

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