Sustainable living

Consistently sustainable Life seems almost impossible in this world.
But fortunately it’s not about getting everything right. If everyone would just help a little bit – it would make a huge difference already!

We have put together a list with tips on how you can act more sustainably in your everyday life and how we can protect the environment. TOGETHER


  • Have you ever heard of the green search engine Ecosia? According to Ecosia, over 37 million trees have been planted with its support as of 12 September 2018.
  • Alternative Email Addresses:
    With more security, privacy and with green electricity powered servers. A small change, but it can have a lot of impact: especially when you send the green thoughts into the world with every e-mail from @biomail.
  • Recycling e-waste correctly, which recycles important and scarce resources back into the recycling cycle
  • Refer to green electricity
  • Correct heating - in short: Turn the temperature down, put on something warm and insulate well. This saves money and resources. Living sustainably also means ventilating in a short and intense way rather than having the windows tilted permanently.
    Heating better is part of the sustainable life!
    One degree less already saves 6% of heating energy


  • Use organic shampoos and shower gels made from natural ingredients. In conventional products, chemical residues end up in the water, which have to be filtered out. This also avoids "peeling" products with micro plastic particles, because the plastic particles are so small that filtering becomes extremely difficult.

  • Sustainably produced products: this is especially important when it comes to nutrition.
    It's best to shop regionally and seasonally. For short transport routes and without storage and cooling, it may not even have to be organic. So "normal" apples from the farmer’s market are certainly more CO2-friendly than “organic” apples imported from New Zealand or China.

  • Less animal products, because livestock farming is the largest climate killer.

  • no disposable products such as plastic bottles or paper cups.

  • There is also a lot without plastic - for example bamboo & cotton Q-tips, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable makeup remover towel,...

  • SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS AT THE COUNTER!! Bring your own reusable bags.


  • Less is more: a minimalist life not only protects the environment and your wallet: renouncing and concentrating on the essential reduces stress.

  • Prefer traveling by train, avoiding air travel and compensating CO2 for example via Atmosfair.

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