Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Material: Silicone

5 Reasons why you should clean your make up brush!!

An important part of your beauty routine should be regularly cleaning your makeup brushes. We recommend that you clean your makeup brushes at a minimum of once a month, but if you use your makeup brushes with liquid products or store them uncovered in the bathroom, you should clean them more frequently. 

1. Acne prevention

Whenever you use your makeup brushes, they are collecting everything that is on your face — namely, oil, dead skin cells, dust, and anything else clinging to your skin. This is a recipe for disaster (or rather, acne). Every time you use a dirty brush, you are wiping this disgusting combination all over your face, clogging your pores as a result.

2. Better color application

Dirty makeup brushes are also ineffective for applying color precisely. With old makeup caked on your brushes, you are unable to get the look you’re going for, whether that is naturally blended contour or a dramatic eyeshadow.

3. Maintain soft brushes

Dirty brushes become more abrasive and dry as they become more caked with product and debris from your face. In turn, this irritates your skin. Cleaning your brushes regularly keeps them soft enough to not cause damage to your face.

4. Avoid germs

Dirty makeup brushes are also a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only is this terrible for your face, it also is bad for your makeup products. Transferring all this bacteria to your products taints them.

5. Longer lasting brushes

When you clean your Blank Canvas makeup brushes regularly, you are preserving them. The more frequently you clean them, the longer your investment will last.

How to Use:
  1. Let the bristles of makeup brush wet with warm water.
  2. Put the shampoo of brush on the makeup brush.
  3. Gently scrub for the place that brush head aligned grooves.
  4. Rinse with water after dirt poured out.

Product Highlights:

  • The overall design is scientific and beautiful, it must for girls of beauty fans when doing makeup.
  • Come on to have your own makeup brush cleaning mat, and you'll be more amazing with perfect makeup.
  • It is easy and effective for cleaning the brush.
  • With different patterns of silica gel, the annoying washing process can be made very simple and efficient. Any degree of difficulty of brush cleaning will be resolved for good!


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