GoHuh is the go-to online retailer for CBD products and environmentally friendly products for your home and office. In this fast-paced world with new products introduced daily, our goal at GoHuh is to provide products and information for healthy, simple living, starting in our own backyards, literally. By encouraging sustainable consumption, we are creating a demand for green products. When we achieve this mission, empowerment happens.

Core Concept

Honesty: Our word is our bond.
Modesty: Always keep your feet on the ground and your head low.
Simplicity: Simplify our products for better comprehension and user experience.
Vigor: Dare to face the challenge and take action.
Innovation: Embrace the ever-changing world and explore the unknown future always one step ahead of competitors.

Our Vision

Our Vision; Is to provide Eco-conscious consumers with a wide range of innovative, natural, biodegradable and sustainable products which have been selected with care and with our environment and your health always at the forefront. 

Innovating for your experience.
Relentlessly pursuing the greater good.
Exploring new frontiers that benefit everyone.

Brand Essence

Premium Quality, Advanced Technology, Innovation, Globalization, Corporate Responsibility

Whether based on personal health concerns or larger, altruistic concerns--or both--most people would buy green products if they were easily available, worked as well, and cost more or less the same. And that is our mission: to satisfy these criteria honestly and selectively and grow that market. 

We want to make people aware that sustainable alternatives exist for just about everything we use on a daily basis, and they're beautiful, and they're here. We want to be the voice for a collective shout that demands: show us the green!

Our agenda is one of spirit, rather than politics. We are looking for a revolution in hearts and minds, in the very consciousness of the lives we live, where we live.

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  • We grant the highest importance to security: all our website pages are fully secured with HTTPS

Our Company

Gohuh is based in Los Angeles, California.