Vegan Charcoal Powder + 1 Pcs Bamboo Toothbrush for free

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 Natural and Organic Charcoal

Insensitive good quality coconut charcoal, which is safe for oral hygiene.The charcoal powder has no smelling and is easily to clean.Also,the coconut charcoal is food grade editable level,please don't worry if you swallow it accidentally.It might be messy during usage,but the function is amazing!

Charcoal Bristle Bamboo Brush

Bamboo handle+soft nano charcoal bristled toothbrush could effectively reduce gums bleeding and clean your teeth. Circular arc toothbrush heads could deeply put in oral cavity corner, together with scientific handle design,makes the brush easily to be held.

Consistent Use for Whitening

After a few times use, the charcoal powder will effectively pull out stains,bacteria and toxins from your teeth.(such as cigarette stains, wine stains, coffee stains, etc.) We have tried the item for days ourselves, normally there is a clear show of teeth whitening after 3-7 days use.

Item Type: Teeth Whitening
Ingredient: Toothpaste Powder Vegan
Size: Moderate
NET WT: 30g
Color: Black